Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last Days

So it's about that time. I'm leaving Niger in 6 days, officially flying out on Sunday, June 28th. It's crazy. I've had a hell of a time and have learned a lot about myself and another culture. I don't have much to say but that it has been an emotional week, what with saying goodbye to the villagers to having our end of service conference and saying goodbye to peace corps friends. I have had some good times here. Niger will always be a part of my life. However, I am happy to be returning home and starting grad school in Denver, Colorado. It's all going to happen really fast so wish me luck in my adjustment. Thanks to all who have supported me throughout the two years I have been here. I could NOT have done this without you all, no way. Okay, well I'll let the pics talk now. See you next week in the States!

All the health volunteers from my stage at our COS dinner. We are clean here, but most of the time we are the rawest, dirtiest volunteers because we live so remotely.

Some boys hanging outside of the mosque in Niamey. There were tons of people playing soccer out in the distance behind them.

The mosque in Niamey, Niger. Beautiful.

My last day in my village. These villagers were waiting for the car with me. It was nice having company.

Giraffe safari! Down in the Dosso region there are some wild giraffes so we took the some four-runners and scoped them out. No fences here! We were right next to them.

Moutari, a kid in my village, with his brand new Obama t-shirt on. He spent a pretty penny on this thing. Thought ya'll would appreciate this.

I started a Moringa tree nursery with my nurse in the village. These babies will grow up to provide leaves that are packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Me and my mayor of my village. He is a really nice guy and kept telling me I couldn't leave. I told him my friends and family wouldn't agree to me staying any longer. Right??


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Daniel said...

Hell no you can't stay any longer, I'm staring to forget what you look like. 6 days and counting, can't wait to see you Sommer.

Anonymous said...

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